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Dorothea Puente – 1985-1988

“I have not killed anyone” THE CRIME: Dorothea Puente was born in San Bernardino County, California on 9 January 1929 as Dorothea Helen Gray and raised in an orphanage because both parents were alcohlics who died when she was young. In 1945 she married Fred McFaul and gave birth to two daughters but gave them… Read More »

Jake Lingle – 1930

“I’ll catch up with you and it won’t be long either” THE CRIME: Alfred “Jake” Lingle was born on 26 July 1891 and joined the Chicago Tribune in 1912 as a copyboy, earning $12 a week. He progressed up the ranks to become a cub reporter but never made it to full reporter. The problem… Read More »

Madeleine Smith – 1857

“Not proven” THE CRIME: Madeleine Hamilton Smith was part of a well-to-do Glaswegian family — her father, James, was a wealthy architect. In March 1855, aged 19, she met Jersey-born clerk Pierre Emile L’Angelier, a man almost 12 years her senior, and they fell madly in love. Via Madeleine’s servant Christina Haggart they exchanged passionate… Read More »

Harvey Burdell – 1857

A prison doctor believed the pregnancy was nothing more than a well-placed cushion THE CRIME: Dentist Harvey Burdell was a wealthy man who owned a mansion in New York. He had been born at Herkimer, New York, in 1811 and moved to New York City after qualifying as a dentist. He rented out parts of… Read More »

Lord Lucan – 1974

“I’ve just escaped from being murdered” THE CRIME: John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, was a dashing figure — he once auditioned to be James Bond. In November 1974 he murdered Sandra Rivett, his children’s nanny, who had begun work for the family less than three months earlier on 26 August, mistaking her for his… Read More »

Brooke Hart – 1933

“We didn’t want to bother lugging him around the countryside so we bumped him off” THE CRIME: Brooke Hart was born on 11 June 1911, the son of Alexander Hart, the wealthy owner of L. Hart & Son department store. A popular young man, he worked in the family business and was being groomed to… Read More »

William the Silent – 1584

“My God, have pity on my soul” THE CRIME: William the Silent, the first head of state to be assassinated with a handgun, became Prince of Orange on 15 July 1544. In 1559, William was appointed stadtholder of the provinces of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht and Burgundy. From August to October 1566, a wave of iconoclasm… Read More »

James Garfield – 1881

I am Going to the Lordy THE CRIME: James Abram Garfield was the second US president to die by an assassin’s bullet and his was also the second shortest time in office. A contented senator, Garfield found himself his party’s nominee for president at the Republican National Convention and he reluctantly accepted. After his inauguration… Read More »

Theodore Roosevelt – 1912

“I have just been shot but it takes more than that to kill a Bull-Moose” THE CRIME: The man who had appointed the Secret Service to protect the president following the assassination of William McKinley in 1901 (search the article) was himself the subject of an attempt on his life. The assassination attempt did not… Read More »