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Eugene Weidmann – 1937

“Remorse, what for? I didn’t even know them” THE CRIME: The last person publicly guillotined in France, Eugene Weidmann was born at Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany on 5 February 1908. A career criminal, he led a gang of teenage thieves before moving to Paris and progressing to more serious crimes, including six murders. He stole cars… Read More »

Kristen Gilbert – 1989-1996

“I killed those guys” THE CRIME: Kristen Gilbert was born on 13 November 1967 in Fall River, Massachusetts as Kristen Strickland. At school she was a typical teenage girl but as she got older she began to develop dishonest habits in her relationships, which were also tinged with violence. After school she went to Greenfield… Read More »

Harold Shipman – 1975-1998

Dr Death THE CRIME: On 1 October 1977 Dr Harold “Fred” Shipman began work at the Donneybrook Medical Practice, Hyde, Cheshire. The 31-year-old had begun practising as a family doctor three years earlier in Todmorden, West Yorkshire but after just a year of practice he was forced to enter rehab, after being caught forging prescriptions… Read More »

Mohammed Bijeh – 2004

“I looked for my boy for nine months…all we got was a handful of bones” THE CRIME: It would be wrong to assume that hard-line Islamic countries like Iran are not too troubled by serial killers. The press nicknamed Mohammed Bijeh the Tehran Desert Vampire. Born on 7 February 1975, he worked at a brick… Read More »

Cleveland Torso Murderer – 1935-1938

“There’s a man down there – and he hasn’t got any head!” THE CRIME: The Cleveland Torso Murderer (also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run) was a serial killer who struck between 1935 and 1938 in the Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Youngstown areas of Ohio. He killed a dozen but some believe that there… Read More »

Axeman of New Orleans – 1918-1919

The Axeman attacked the sleeping couple with an axe before slitting their throats with a razor THE CRIME: During a 16-month period the residents of New Orleans lived in fear of attack from a maniac with an axe. On the night of 23 May 1918 someone broke into the grocery store home of Joseph and… Read More »

Jack the Ripper – 1888

“I’ll soon get my doss money, see what a jolly bonnet I have now” THE CRIME: The unknown killer struck five times and theories about his identity abound: he was either a cricketer (Montague John Druitt), a prince (Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence), a cotton merchant (James Maybrick), a Jewish slaughterman (unnamed), a confidence trickster… Read More »

Genene Jones – 1981-1982

“I’m the Death Nurse”   THE CRIME: Ex-beautician Genene Jones worked in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Bexar County Medical Center Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Between May and December 1981 the children in the unit’s care began dying at an alarming rate. Twenty died from heart attacks or uncontrollable bleeding and at… Read More »

Altemio Sanchez – 1981-2006

“He’s the nicest person you’d ever want to meet” THE CRIME: Altemio Sanchez’s reign of terror lasted a quarter of a century, during which time it is thought that he murdered three women and raped around a dozen more in and around Buffalo, New York. Born on 19 January 1958, in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico,… Read More »