Buddy Jacobson – 1978

By | November 12, 2016

Jacobson is escorted after he was questioned

Tupper’s face was sliced with a knife


The Carattini family was returning home to the Bronx after visiting relatives in Manhattan when they spotted some tricycles dumped in a vacant lot. Thinking that they would make good presents for their three children, they stopped. They saw two men in the vacant lot and noted down the registration number of the car one of the men was driving. They were disappointed to find the trikes were just junk but they saw a wooden crate burning and called the fire brigade. The crate contained the body of a badly beaten man whose face had been burned beyond recognition.

Later that day the police stopped a car driven by Howard “Buddy” Jacobson, a 47-year-old leading trainer of thoroughbred racehorses. His passenger was Salvatore Giamo, an illegal immigrant. Jacobson lived in an apartment in a townhouse he bought after his divorce on the Upper East Side with his model girlfriend Melanie Cain. They had started a modelling agency called My Fair Lady. Jack Tupper moved into apartment 7C, across the hall from Buddy Jacobson and Melanie Cain. He began an affair with Melanie Cain who tired of her much older lover’s jealousy.

She crossed the hallway and moved from Jacobson’s bed to Tupper’s. The couple moved into a suite at the Drake Hotel after the atmosphere at East 84th Street became too strained. They found an apartment to rent on 52nd Street and on 6 August Cain left Tupper in bed while she went to sign the lease. Tupper returned to the house on East 84th Street where Jacobson murdered him and then dumped his body in the lot where the Carattinis found it. Tupper’s face was sliced with a knife, his head caved in, his body bludgeoned and he was shot eight times.


7F, 155 East 84th Street,New York, USA


Sunday 6 August 1978


Jacobson was charged with Tupper’s murder; Giamo was released. Jacobson’s trial began on 22 January 1980 and on 12 April 1980, after 11 weeks, Jacobson was found guilty of second-degree murder. While waiting to be sentenced, he escaped from the Brooklyn House of Detention and fled to California. He was rearrested after nearly six weeks on the run and offering to sell his story to George Carpozi, Jr of the New York Post for “big bucks”. Jacobson was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years. He died of bone cancer early on 16 May 1989 at the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo. He was 58 years old. He had been incarcerated at the maximum-security Attica Correctional Facility since 1984.


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