Katherine Knight – 2000

By | November 12, 2016

“I hope you are not going to kill Pricey and yourself”


Knight stands alongside victim John Price


Katherine Mary Knight was born on 24 October 1955. She had six brothers and a twin sister. As she grew up, people knew not to cross her, fearful of her temper. Not terribly intelligent, she was a loner and a violent bully at school and was functionally illiterate. In 1974 she married David Kellett but the marriage got off to a bad start when she tried to strangle her husband on their wedding night because his sexual performance was not up to scratch.

She took a job in a meatpacking factory. Two years later, her daughter, Melissa, was born and that year Knight was sectioned after she slashed a 16 year old in the face. After she was released, she left her baby on a railway track. Thankfully, it was saved by a local tramp. Then she stabbed a local policeman but escaped punishment because it was “just Katherine”.

A second daughter, Natasha, was born in 1980 but Knight and Mr Kellett separated four years later. In 1987 she began an affair with David Saunders and a year later a child was born. It was another turbulent relationship: she stabbed Saunders with scissors, cut up all his clothes, vandalized his car and slashed the throat of his puppy.

Knight was again sectioned. In May 1990 she started seeing alcoholic John Chillingworth, giving birth to his child the following year. In 1994 she met John Charles Thomas Price, a father of three known as Pricey. It was a tempestuous relationship, mainly due to Knight’s instability and violent temper.

On 28 February 2000 Pricey woke to find Knight standing over him with a knife in her hand. They were on the verge of splitting up but Knight demanded that he give his house to her. He refused and on 29 February took out an Apprehended Violence Order against Knight. That evening she took her children to dinner. As she left, her daughter Natasha said, “I hope you are not going to kill Pricey and yourself.” That night, after watching Star Trek, she had sex with Pricey.

Then she left the bedroom, went to the kitchen, picked up a knife and returned to the bedroom where she plunged the knife into his body 37 times. She then left and took $500 from a cashpoint at 2.30am before returning to the murder scene. Knight skinned Pricey and hung his hide on a meat hook in the living room.

She then cut his head off and put the head in a crockpot on the oven. She cut meat from his buttocks and cooked it, preparing to serve it with vegetables and gravy to his children. She was arrested before she could serve the meal.


St Andrews Street, Aberdeen, New South Wales, Australia


Tuesday 29 February 2000


On 18 October 2001 she was convicted of murder and was the first Australian woman to be jailed for the term of her natural life without parole. In June 2006 she launched an appeal but the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal, comprising Justices Peter McClellan, Michael Adams and Megan Latham, dismissed it in September. Justice McClellan said, “This was an appalling crime, almost beyond contemplation in a civilized society.”


In 2006 her 62-year-old half-brother was accused of sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl.

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