Vicki Morgan – 1983

By | November 12, 2016

“I killed someone. I did it with a baseball bat”


Marvin Pancoast listens in court as he is accused of the killing


Victoria Lynn Morgan was born on 9 August 1952 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and at 16 gave birth to an illegitimate son. That year she married a 47-year-old man in a five-minute ceremony in Las Vegas. Like many beautiful young women, she went west in search of fame and fortune. She landed a job as an usher at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood and, while working there, met 54-year-old Alfred S. Bloomingdale, a close friend of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and a member of the celebrated New York department store family.

She became his mistress and lived a luxurious lifestyle, which he financed, spending a reported $1.5 million on her upkeep. Vicki did not keep her favours solely for her rich patron and bedded men, women and, by some accounts, Cary Grant and Princess Jawaher bint Saud, the lesbian daughter of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia as well.

A friend said that she lived a life “of guilty compromise, a dishonourable truce between money and conscience”. In 1982 Mr Bloomingdale was ill with terminal cancer and he agreed to give Vicki $18,000 each month. Before he died on 20 August his widow stopped the cheques so Vicki did the 20th century version of what many women scorned over the ages have done, she hired a lawyer.

On her behalf, Marvin Mitchelson filed a $5 million dollar “palimony” suit against Mr Bloomingdale on 8 July 1982. The papers filed before the court case showed that Mr Bloomingdale had unorthodox sexual tastes, which Miss Morgan indulged. She later sacked Mr Mitchelson when she learned that he had dined at the White House with the president and first lady. She hired a new lawyer but her case was thrown out on 26 September when Judge Christian Markey declared her relationship with Mr Bloomingdale was based on “meretricious sexual services”, in other words sex for hire, which was illegal in California.

Immediately, Miss Morgan’s monthly $18,000 cheques stopped. She began selling items bought for her by Mr Bloomingdale and threatened to write a tell-all book revealing the seamier side of high living among the rich and famous. Without money, Vicky was forced to move from her luxury home in Los Angeles to a San Fernando Valley condominium. In June 1983 she rented a room to an acquaintance, 32-year-old homosexual Marvin Pancoast (born 13 November 1949) who had a history of mental problems. At 3.20am on 7 July he walked into North Hollywood police station and told the desk officer, Keith Wong, “I killed someone. I did it with a baseball bat.”


4171-D Colfax Avenue, Studio City, California, USA


Thursday 7 July 1983


At his trial Pancoast pleased not guilty to murdering Vicki Morgan by reason of insanity but the jury rejected that and he was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to 25 years to life. In November 1985 it was reported that Pancoast was suffering from Aids. He died of the disease on 4 December 1991.


Pornographer Larry Flynt offered to buy videtoapes allegedly featuring important people in Washington DC having sex but Vicki Morgan’s lawyer, who was selling them, claimed that they had been stolen.

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