Seisaku Nakamura – 1938-1942

By | December 19, 2016

Fumisada Nakamura took his own life in shame at what his son had done


Seisaku Nakamura is also known as “Hamamatsu Deaf Killer”


Born profoundly deaf in 1924, Seisaku Nakamura was intelligent but his deafness meant that he had difficulty in communicating with people. His family were also ashamed of him because of the disability. Unable to talk to people, he buried himself in violent culture, spending much of his time watching films, especially enjoying those in which people died after being stabbed by Samurai swords.

He began to fantasize about re-enacting the scenes he watched. On 22 August 1938, when he was 14 years old, he attempted to rape two women but they fought back so he murdered them. Three years later, on 18 August 1941, he committed his third murder and two days later he killed three more people.

On 27 September 1941 he murdered his brother, and severely injured his father, sister, sister-in-law and nephew. He kept his urges in check for a year but on 30 August 1942 he murdered a couple, their son and daughter and failed to rape a second daughter before fleeing the scene. As with many other war-time criminals, the chaos caused by the conflict prevented the authorities from stopping Nakamura and the news blackout halted the dissemination of information about his crimes.


Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan




He was finally arrested on 12 October 1942 and charged with nine murders, and confessed to two more. On 11 November 1942 his father, Fumisada Nakamura, took his own life in shame at what his son had done. Despite a plea by his defence that he was insane, Nakamura was tried, found guilty and executed.



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