Aileen Wuornos – 1989-1990

By | January 3, 2017

“There’s no sense in keeping me alive. This world doesn’t mean anything to me”


Wuornos has her fingerprints taken after her arrest


Aileen Pittman was born in Rochester, Michigan, on 29 February 1956. Her father was a child molester and on 18 March 1960 her maternal grandparents Lauri and Britta Wuornos legally adopted Aileen and her big brother, Keith. When she was six, Aileen’s face was burned after she and Keith played with lighters. Aileen was later to tell the police that she had an incestuous relationship with Keith but it is impossible to verify since he died of throat cancer on 17 July 1976. On 23 March 1971 15-year-old Aileen gave birth to a son at a Detroit maternity home. On 7 July that year her grandmother died and Aileen became a prostitute. Over the next few years she was charged with various crimes, including disorderly conduct, drunk driving and assault.

On 20 May 1981 Wuornos was arrested at Edgewater, Florida, for armed robbery of a convenience store. Jailed on 4 May 1982, she was released on 30 June 1983. More arrests followed and on 4 January 1986 when she was arrested in Miami, police found a .22 pistol under the seat of her car.

In 1987 she met and began an affair with lesbian Tyria Moore. They were together for four years. On 30 November 1989 Wuornos murdered five-times married, 51-year-old electrician Richard Mallory, after he picked her up as a prostitute. His corpse was found in the woods northwest of Daytona Beach, shot three times in the chest with a .22 pistol. On 1 June 1990 the remains of 43-year-old David Spears were found nude in the woods 64 km (40 mi) north of Tampa. He had been shot six times with a .22. Five days later Charles Carskaddon, 40, was found naked and dead. He had been shot nine times with a .22-calibre weapon. The police refused to believe that a serial killer was at large.

Peter Siems, a 65-year-old merchant seaman turned missionary was reported missing on 22 June and his bloodstained car was found on 4 July. On 4 August Eugene Burress, 50, was discovered shot dead with a .22-calibre pistol. On 12 September former police chief Dick Humphreys, 56, was the next victim to be found. On 19 November 60-year-old Walter Antonio, a lorry driver and special policeman, was found naked apart from his socks.

The police were given the names of Tyria Moore and Lee Blahovec as women having been seen with some of the victims. Blahovec also liked to call herself Lori Grody and Cammie Marsh Green and the police computer identified her as Aileen Wuornos. She was finally arrested on 9 January 1991 and a week later confessed to the murders.


Florida, USA




Wuornos went on trial on 13 January 1992 for the murder of Richard Mallory. She claimed that she had acted in self-defence when he tried to rape her. Found guilty, she screamed, “I was raped! I hope you get raped! Scumbags of America!”

She was sentenced to death on 30 January. In April she pleaded guilty to the murders of Burress, Humphreys and Spears and received a second death sentence on 7 May 1992. On 20 July 2001 Wuornos admitted in court, “I killed those men in the first degree, robbed and killed them. I wanted to clear all the lies and let the truth come out.”

At 9.30am on 9 October 2002 she was injected with sodium pentothal. She died two minutes later. She had said, “There’s no sense in keeping me alive. This world doesn’t mean anything to me.”

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