Clifford Olson – 1980-1981

By | January 3, 2017

“Beast of British Columbia”


Clifford Olson is escorted into court Chilliwack, British Columbia


It was Christmas Day 1980 in Vancouver when the first mutilated body was found. She was identified as 12-year-old Christine Weller who had gone missing on 17 November. In the spring of 1981 the remains of 16-year-old Daryn Todd Johnsrude were found in some woods; his skull had been fractured. At about the same time 13-year-old Coleen Daignault disappeared on 16 April. On 19 May Sandra Wolfsteiner, 16, went hitchhiking and was never seen again. The next month, nine-year-old Susan Partington vanished after she spoke to a man in Surrey. Judy Kozma went missing early in July after she was picked up a by a man in New Westminster. At the end of the month her stabbed body was found in Lake Weaver along with that of Ray King who had vanished two days before Judy.

The police concentrated their efforts around Lake Weaver and their prime suspect was 42-year-old Clifford Raymond Olson (born 1 January 1940) who already had 94 convictions for offences ranging from fraud to rape. Olson was married with a baby son and lived near Vancouver. Despite being under police surveillance, he managed to evade them and went on holiday to America. On his return, the surveillance was abandoned. In July he murdered Louise Chartrand, Terri Lynn Carson and Sigrun Arnd, a German tourist.

He was finally arrested on 12 August when he tried to abduct two girls. A search of his van revealed a notebook belonging to Judy Kozma.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Monday 17 November 1980—Thursday 30 July 1981


In custody Olson demanded $10,000 for revealing where each body was buried, plus $30,000 for the three corpses that had already been discovered. The police refused to pay but the Attorney General overruled them and said that the money must be put in trust for Olson’s son.

Olson then offered to reveal the whereabouts of 20 bodies for $100,000. His offer was refused. He was tried before the Supreme Court of Canada in January 1982. On the third day (11 January), he changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced to 11 life terms to be served concurrently. He has since claimed to have committed anywhere from 80 to 200 murders. By his own admission, the self-proclaimed “Beast Of British Columbia” is likely to kill again.

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