Gerald Eugene Stano – 1969-1980

By | January 3, 2017

“I can’t stand a bitchy chick”


Gerald Eugene Stano – 1969-1980


Born on 12 September 1951 in Schenectady, New York, as Paul Zeininger, Gerald Stano was given up for adoption when he was six months old. He was thought to be unadoptable for quite some time as he failed to respond to human contact and ate his own faeces. Nurse Norma Stano and her husband finally took pity on the boy and adopted him, renaming him Gerald Eugene Stano. Despite a loving family, young Gerald found it difficult to fit in and was often naughty. At school he was a below average student, except in music, and he stole money from his father to bribe his fellow pupils to let him win an athletics race.

Officially, his killings began in 1973 but it is believed that in 1969 he murdered several local girls but there was insufficient physical evidence to link him to the crimes and he was never charged. In 1973 he moved with his parents to Florida. He revealed that he killed because some women annoyed him and “I can’t stand a bitchy chick.”

He picked up most of his victims as they hitchhiked or worked as prostitutes. They ranged in age from 12 to mid 50s. Like many psychopaths, Stano was outwardly charming and had no problem in persuading women to get into his car. His offer of drink or drugs also lulled them into a false sense of security. He was most active in 1976 and 1977 and most of the corpses were left in Pasco County. He often picked on women who wore blue but never killed when he was sober. After the murders he scrupulously cleaned his car of bloodstains and other incriminating marks. Stano was arrested on 1 April 1980, after attacking a prostitute at Daytona Beach, Florida.


Florida; New Jersey, USA


1969—Tuesday 1 April 1980


In 1981 he was sentenced to three life terms for strangling and stabbing three women. A plea bargain kept him out of the electric chair. By the time of his 29th birthday he had confessed to 41 slayings. In January 1984 he was sentenced to death. On 18 May 1988, the day before he was due to be executed, he won an indefinite stay of appeal. That stay came to an end on 23 March 1998 when he died in Florida’s electric chair.

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