John Edward Robinson – 1984-1999

By | January 3, 2017

The Slave Master


John Edward Robinson


Born in Cicero, Illinois on 27 December 1943, John Edward Robinson was a conman and thief who worked his way up the criminal food chain to become a serial killer. In 1969 Robinson was convicted of theft and was sentenced to three years’ probation. Between his first offence and 1991 he was convicted four times for embezzlement or theft. Paula Godfrey, an Olathe, Kansas teenager was supposedly offered a job by Robinson and she was never seen after September 1984.

He was paid $2,500 by Don, his childless brother, to arrange an adoption. In January 1985 he met 19-year-old Lisa Stasi and her four-month-old baby, Tiffany. He told Stasi that he had a job for her but she would have to relocate to Texas. Two days after she left, Don Robinson was given a baby girl and a bill for $3,000. Lisa Stasi was never seen again. In 1987 Catherine Clampitt, 27, also was supposedly given a job by Robinson. She, too, disappeared in June 1987.

The FBI set a trap for Robinson and he was jailed but his conviction was overturned because of a procedural mistake by the bureau. However, he remained in jail until 1993 on a theft conviction. He was freed from prison on medical grounds, purchased a computer and began joining internet dating sites. Rather than romance, he targeted women for bondage sex — his user name was The Slave Master. In jail he had befriended a librarian, 49-year-old Beverly Bonner, and she left her husband for him. He murdered her soon after his release but kept on cashing her alimony cheques. He put her body in a chemical drum in a storage locker in Raymore, Missouri. Next to it, in similar containers, were the bodies of mother and daughter, 45-year-old Sheila Faith and 15-year-old Debbie who was wheelchair-bound. He banked the disability benefits sent for Debbie.

In late 1997 Robinson offered sexual submissive Izabela Lewicka, 21, a job with a caravan magazine he had started and a relationship as his slave. She signed a 115 clause contract, allowing Robinson control of every aspect of her life. In 1999, when he tired of her, she disappeared. Her body was later found in a barrel at Robinson’s farm near La Cygne, Kansas.

Around the time Izabela vanished Robinson persuaded 27-year-old Suzette Trouten, a bored nurse by day and submissive slave by night, to come to Kansas where he would pay her $62,000 per year to look after his sick father. She left Robinson’s name and phone number with her mother before she left for Kansas in February 1998. The police put John Robinson under surveillance and persuaded one woman who had violent sex with him to place a complaint against him.


Raymore, Missouri; La Cygne, Kansas, USA


September 1984-1999


Robinson was arrested on 2 June 2000 at his caravan home, and accused of murdering three women. He was convicted at the Johnson County Court House in Olathe, Kansas in 2002 and sentenced to death in January 2003.

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