Nikolai Dzhumagaliev – 1980

By | January 3, 2017

Metal Fang


Kazakhstani cannibal Nikolai Dzhumagaliev


Nikolai Dzhumagaliev was nicknamed “Metal Fang” because of his metallic false teeth. Freed from a sentence for manslaughter, Dzhumagaliev found a job on an Alma-Ata building site in Kazakhstan. By day he laboured over bricks and mortar but by night he was a ladykiller, literally.

Tall, handsome, well-mannered, smartly dressed Dzhumagaliev had one major flaw — he was a murderous cannibal. On his dates he would lead the woman to a remote spot where he would rape them before cutting up their corpses with a knife and an axe. Then he would start a fire and cook and eat the women.

Having killed a woman, he would invite friends round to his home the following night for a roast dinner. He was captured after inviting two alcoholics to dine with him. They went to the police when they found a woman’s head and intestines in Dzhumagaliev’s kitchen. Dzhumagaliev was charged with seven murders but the court found that he was insane and he was sent to a mental institution in Tashkent.






In 1989 the authorities moved Dzhumagaliev to another hospital and he escaped. In a move reminiscent of the old Soviet policy of trying to censor bad news, the Kazakhstani government made no public mention of the jailbreak and it was not until August 1991 that he was recaptured at Fergana, Uzbekistan. He was released in January 1994 and remains at liberty.

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