Ted Bundy – 1974-1978

By | January 3, 2017

“Give my love to my family and friends”


Dr Lovell J. Levine, a New York forensic odontologist, testifies that the teeth marks found on the buttock of one of the victims belong to Bundy


Theodore Robert Bundy was one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Born on 24 November 1946, Bundy was dark-haired and handsome. He was also a psychopath, a peeping Tom, a compulsive masturbator and a cold-blooded killer. He began his criminal career in 1974 in Seattle, Washington.

On 31 January student Lynda Ann Healey disappeared. On 14 July Janice Ott, 23, and Denise Naslund, 19, vanished in separate incidents at Sammamish Park. Eyewitnesses told police that both girls had been seen with a handsome man with his arm in a sling. Their remains were found in September, along with those of a third victim, 3.2 km (2 mi) east of where they had disappeared.

Over the next six months three more corpses were found. Then the killings stopped. In October 1974 young girls began to disappear in Salt Lake City, Utah but the police did not link the crimes to those in Seattle. Then on 8 November 1974 the killer made a mistake. Carol DaRonch escaped after a man pretended to be a policeman and tried to abduct her. She was able to give police a good description of her would-be killer, which matched the prime suspect in the Seattle slayings. On 12 January 1975 23-year-old nurse Caryn Campbell was murdered in Aspen, Colorado. Her naked body was not found until 17 February when the snow thawed.

On 16 August 1975 29-year-old Ted Bundy was arrested after he jumped a red light and police found tools in his boot that could be used for burglary or abduction. In December 1976 he was found guilty of aggravated assault in the DaRonch case. The police found it difficult to believe that the handsome, likeable Bundy was a depraved serial killer. As he prepared his own defence, Bundy escaped from jail twice but was recaptured. On 31 December 1977 he managed to escape again and began a six-week trail of havoc that led to Tallahassee, Florida where he attacked four sorority girls, one of whom, Lisa Levy, died after Bundy bit off her nipples.

In February 1978 he attempted, but failed, to kidnap a 14-year-old girl. He did manage to take 12-year-old Kimberley Leach and murdered her on 9 February. He hid her body so that he could return to abuse it.


Seattle, Washington; Salt Lake City, Utah; Aspen, Colorado; Tallahassee, Florida, USA


Thursday 31 January 1974-Thursday 9 February 1978


Bundy was arrested on 15 February 1978 and was sentenced to death. At 7.07am on 24 January 1989 he died in the electric chair in Florida. He had tried to save his life by offering to reveal where the graves of more victims were. His last words were, “Give my love to my family and friends.”


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