Baseline Killer – 2005-2006

By | January 26, 2017

Police arrested Goudeau for sexually attacking two sisters – one was pregnant



Mark Goudeau, aka the Baseline Killer

The Baseline Killer — so-called because he operated around Baseline Road, Phoenix, Arizona — killed nine people, sexually assaulted several more and committed armed robberies. The attacks began on 7 November 2005 when people were robbed at gunpoint inside Las Brasas, a Mexican restaurant, next door at Little Caesar’s Pizza restaurant and later outside on the street. The thief stole $463.

At 6.55pm on 12 December 2005 teacher and single mother of three Tina Washington, 39, was shot in the head on South 40th Street as she was on her way home from Cactus Preschool on 36th Street and Southern Avenue. The next day at 8pm a woman was robbed on East South Mountain Avenue. The killer laid low for two months until 20 February 2006 when at 7.38pm the bodies of 38-year-old Romelia Vargas and 24-year-old Mirna Palma-Roman were found in their takeaway van parked at 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. Both had been shot to death.

On 1 March there was another double murder. Liliana Sanchez-Cabrera and Chao Chou, who both worked at Yoshi’s restaurant at 24th Street and Indian School Road, were shot in the head. On 29 March the badly decomposed body of Kristin Nicole Gibbons was found at 4102 North 24th Street. She, too, had been shot in the head. Sophia Nunez was murdered on 10 April 2006.

A man wearing a Hallowe’en mask raped a woman at gunpoint at 9pm on 1 May on North 32nd Street. Four days later the police made the unusual decision to release a list of 18 crimes that they believed to be the work of the Baseline Killer.

The number rose at 8.30pm on 29 June when Carmen Miranda, 37, was murdered on East Thomas Road. She had been sitting in a car wash chatting on her mobile. On 4 September 2006 Phoenix police arrested Mark Goudeau for sexually attacking two sisters — one was pregnant — in September 2005. Goudeau was a 42-year-old construction worker with a record for aggravated assault and armed robbery.


Baseline Road, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Monday 7 November 2005-Thursday 29 June 2006


On 7 December 2006 Phoenix police announced that Goudeau was the Baseline Killer. On 14 December 2007 he was jailed for 438 years for the assault on the two sisters two years earlier.


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