Guy Georges – 1991-1997

By | January 26, 2017

Beast of Bastille



Guy Georges at the start of his trial in 2001

Guy Georges, the serial killer known as the Beast of Bastille, was born as Guy Rampillon at Vitry-le-Francois, France on 15 October 1962, the illegitimate son of an American GI. The Morin family, who had already taken on a dozen children, adopted Georges when he was six. At the age of 14 he tried to strangle his mentally handicapped, adoptive sister Linda and two years later attacked another sister, Christiane, with the result that he was returned to a special home.

On 6 February 1979 he began a series of assaults on strangers, beginning with a girl identified as Pascale C. She fought off his attempt to strangle her and Georges was arrested but freed a week later. He took to drink and in May 1980 attacked Jocelyne S. and Linda C. whom he stabbed in the cheek. He was sentenced to a year in prison and on his release became a rent boy in Paris.

On 16 November 1981 he raped and stabbed Nathalie L., 18, in her home leaving her for dead but, luckily, she recovered. After a five-month jail term for theft, Georges attacked Violet K. in an underground car park of the 16th arrondissement on 7 June 1982. She survived and he was arrested and imprisoned, this time for 18 months. After an early release for good behaviour Georges raped Pascale N. in her car in February 1982. He was arrested the same evening and jailed for ten years. He did not serve the full sentence and towards the end of it was allowed out on day release, returning to jail at night.

On the evening of 24 January 1991 Georges killed for the first time, raping and then stabbing to death Pascale Escarfail, 19, whom he saw in the street and followed, attacking her in her home. He then returned to his jail cell for the night. Freed on 4 April 1992, he raped Eleonore D. eight days later, an assault that landed him another five-year prison sentence. He served just a year and on 7 January 1994 he murdered Catherine Rock, 27, in a garage after raping her.

On 13 January he attacked radio host Annie L. on her front porch. On 8 November 1994 he murdered Elsa Benady and a month later, on 10 December, raped and murdered Dutch architect Agnes Nijkamp, 33. In June 1995 he raped Elisabeth O. and the next month he raped and murdered 27-year-old Helena Frinking as she returned from a party. On 25 August he attacked Melanie B. in the Marais district and he was identified but managed to escape.

On 23 September 1997 he raped and murdered 19-year-old student Magalie Sirotti, followed by raping Leila T. on 28 October 1997. His last murder occurred on 16 November 1997 when he raped and cut the throat of Estelle Magd, 25. He was arrested on 27 March 1998 in Montmartre after his DNA was matched to that left at the scenes of four murders and one attempted rape.


Paris, France


Thursday 24 January 1991—Sunday 16 November 1997


Georges’s trial began on 19 March 2001 and he pleaded not guilty before admitting his guilt. He was jailed for life.


In December 2000 Georges tried to escape from prison, along with three other inmates, by sawing the bars of his cell.


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