Adam Walsh – 1981

By | January 27, 2017

“[There is] no evidence linking my son’s unsolved slaying to Jeffrey Dahmer”


Adam Walsh before the kidnapp


Adam Walsh was born on 14 November 1974, the son of John Walsh, future host of the television programme, America’s Most Wanted. In the summer of 1981 Adam was visiting the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Florida with his mother, Reve. She left him with a group of older boys playing a video game at Sears and went to buy a lamp.

When she returned to the video section, Adam had vanished. While she was gone, the boys had made a nuisance of themselves and were thrown out of the shop. Young Adam was also told to get out even though he did not actually know the others. An intercom announcement elicited no response. It is believed that when the boys left the mall Adam was left alone at the entrance. Someone kidnapped him from there. He was never seen alive again. Adam’s head was found on 10 August 1981 in a canal at Vero Beach, Florida — the rest of his body was never recovered.


Sears, 3521 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Mall, Hollywood, Florida, USA


Monday 27 July 1981


The Walsh family attempted to sue Sears but dropped the suit after the store countersued. John Walsh helped to found the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and that led to his presenting America’s Most Wanted. On 25 July 2006 Congress passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, which President George W. Bush signed into law two days later on the South Lawn of the White House.

No one has ever been convicted of the kidnap and murder of Adam Walsh although serial killer Ottis Toole (search the related post) confessed. In September 1996, Toole died in prison of cirrhosis of the liver while serving a life sentence. Another suspect in the case was Jeffrey Dahmer (search the related post) although John Walsh has said, “[There is] no evidence linking my son’s unsolved kidnapping and slaying to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.” John Walsh believes that Otis Toole was the killer.

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