Richard Ramirez – 1984-1985

By | January 27, 2017

“I love all that blood”


Richard Ramirez at his trial


Richard Ramirez was a satanist who, between June 1984 and August 1985, murdered more than a dozen people. Ricardo Munoz Ramirez was born in El Paso, Texas on 29 February 1960. Known as the “Night Stalker”, he broke into houses through an open door or window. His first murder happened on 28 June 1984.

After taking cocaine, Ramirez broke into the Glassell Park, Los Angeles home of 79-year-old Jennie Vincow. She was found the next morning stabbed to death, her head almost removed from her body and an autopsy revealed that she had been raped. The attacks continued and Los Angeles lived in fear. There were four attacks in March 1985. One old lady was attacked with a hammer with such ferocity that the hammer handle split. Often Ramirez would leave a lipstick-daubed pentagram at the scene. The violence reached a peak that summer.

The victims that survived described a tall thin man dressed in black with bad teeth and bad breath. As with so many criminals, it was luck that led to the capture of Ramirez. The FBI at Quantico were scouring a getaway car and discovered a fingerprint belonging to a petty crook on their files. His name was Richard Ramirez.

The bureau issued a photograph of Ramirez which was published in the media. On 31 August 1985 Ramirez was recognized by the owners of a corner shop on whose news stand his face was pictured. He ran 3 km (2 mi) in 12 minutes and then attempted to steal Faustino Pinon’s red Ford Mustang from his driveway. He did not know that Mr Pinon was working under the car and he stopped Ramirez driving away. Ramirez then tried to steal another car, was stopped and then attempted to flee. Locals chased him and one knocked him to the ground with a metal post before others sat on him until the police arrived.


Los Angeles, California, USA


Thursday 28 June 1984-August 1985


During his trial Ramirez sat either quietly or put his fingers to the sides of his head like horns and chanted, “Evil, evil…” On 20 September 1989 Ramirez was found guilty of 12 first degree murders, one second-degree murder and 30 charges of rape and burglary. On 7 November he was sentenced to death.

He told a fellow inmate, “I love all that blood.” On 3 October 1996 Ramirez married Doreen Lioy, who had written him more than 70 letters while he was incarcerated.


During the trial, on 14 August 1989, juror Phyllis Singletary was murdered by her boyfriend, who later committed suicide. Some of the other jurors believed that Ramirez had somehow arranged her death, although it was later revealed to be unrelated.

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  1. True Crime Fanatic

    It never seizes to amaze me the bravado Richard had towards his victims but then it came down to the wire and everyone was attacking him in the street he could not wait to be saved by the police.


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