Anne Pressly – 2008

By | March 10, 2017

Pressly was unconscious and bleeding from a head wound



The reporter Anne Pressly

Born in South Carolina on 28 August 1982, blonde, beautiful Anne Pressly moved with her family to Little Rock, Arkansas when she was in secondary school. She was educated at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee but returned to Little Rock and, in 2004, landed a job as an on-air reporter and presenter for the local television station KATV, an ABC network affiliate station. She had conducted interviews with a number of high-profile personalities during her time at the station.

Anne Pressly bore a slight resemblance to the rabidly right-wing commentator Ann Coulter which led to her being hired to play a Coulter-type character in Oliver Stone’s film W, which was filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana. On the night before she died Anne had eaten at a restaurant with her friend Mallory Hardin, a reporter at KARK-TV, before going to see W with other friends.

Anne’s mother Patti Cannady would give her a daily wake-up call for her breakfast show Daybreak. However, her mother discovered Pressly in her bed at 4.30am half an hour before she was due on air on 20 October 2008. Pressly was unconscious and bleeding from a head wound. Initial reports stated that she had been stabbed but this was later revised to state that she had been hit repeatedly in the face, head and neck with a blunt instrument. Her handbag was missing. The attack occurred between 10.30pm on Sunday and 4.30am the following morning.


Club Road, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


Monday 20 October 2008


Doctors were hopeful that Anne would recover from the beating as the swelling in her brain had decreased and they reduced the painkillers. However, on Saturday 25 October she took a turn for the worse and died, aged just 26, at St Vincent Infirmary Medical Center. KATV set up a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Pressly’s killer. Within 24 hours, the total donations had reached $30,000.

The police discounted the theory that Anne had been targeted because of her media profile. They believed that she was the victim of a random burglary that had gone horribly wrong. On 26 November police arrested Curtis Lavelle Vance, 28, at a home in Little Rock.



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