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Timothy McVeigh – 1995

The sketch of the second man was an innocent bystander THE CRIME: It was an ordinary spring day in Oklahoma City in 1995. People were going about their lawful business when suddenly a huge car bomb explosion wrecked the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and killed 168 people, including 19 children. Witnesses spoke of two… Read More »

Guinness Share-trading Fraud – 1990

“Unjustifiable favours for friends and himself” THE CRIME: As with the Michael Milken (search the article) case, the Guinness scandal came to light after American trader Ivan Boesky (search the article) tried to plea bargain his way out of trouble. The Guinness Four — Ernest Saunders, Gerald Ronson, Sir Jack Lyons and Anthony Parries —… Read More »

Leona Helmsley – 1989

“Only the little people pay taxes” THE CRIME: In the 1980s the world learned of hotel magnate Leona Helmsley, who was dubbed the Queen of Mean by the press because of her ruthlessness. Helmsley was born Lena Mindy Rosenthal on 4 July 1920 at Marbletown, Ulster County, New York, the daughter of a hatter. She… Read More »

Michael Milken – 1986

“The greatest criminal conspiracy the financial world has ever known” THE CRIME: Born on Independence Day 1946 in Encino, California, Michael Robert Milken was unknown to the general public until 29 March 1989 when he faced 98 charges of racketeering, insider trading and securities fraud and, after plea bargaining, pleaded guilty to six although he… Read More »

Martin T. Manton – 1939

“Defraud the United States of its right to have its legal functions exercised free from unlawful impairment” THE CRIME: In 1939 Martin Thomas Manton was the senior judge of the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, a position second only to that held by the members of the US Supreme Court. He… Read More »

Cato Street Conspiracy – 1820

“An overt act of treasonable conspiracy” THE CRIME: In 1820 an attempt was made to murder the British cabinet and Prime Minister Lord Liverpool by members of the Spencean Philanthropists. On 16 August 1819 around 60,000 people gathered in Manchester to protest about lack of parliamentary enfranchisement. The local magistrates ordered the militia to break… Read More »

Guy Fawkes – 1605

“Remember, remember the fifth of November” THE CRIME: In May 1604 Robert Catesby rented rooms adjacent to the House of Lords as the beginning of a plot to kill King James I of England and install Elizabeth. his nine-year-old daughter, on the throne. His conspirators included Thomas Winter, Robert Winter, John Wright, Christopher Wright, Robert… Read More »

Anthony Babington – 1586

“Spare me, Lord Jesus” THE CRIME: In January 1586 Mary, Queen of Scots, was confined to Chartley Hall, a manor house belonging to the Earl of Essex in Staffordshire, under the supervision of Sir Amyas Paulet. That year a plot was hatched to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I and liberate Mary. The conspirators — young, well-bred… Read More »