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Benigno Aquino – 1983

“If they hit me in the head, I’m a goner anyway” THE CRIME: Benigno”Ninny” Simeon Aquino, Jr was the charismatic, leading opposition politician during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. On 8 May 1980 Aquino travelled to America for treatment for his heart ailment. In the spring of 1983 Aquino decided to return… Read More »

Ronald Reagan – 1981

“Honey, I forgot to duck” THE CRIME: On 29 March 1981 a weird loner called John Hinckley arrived in Washington on a Greyhound bus and checked into room 312 of the Park Central Hotel on 18th and G streets. The next day, his 70th in office, Reagan arrived at the Washington Hilton hotel at 1.45pm… Read More »

Robert F. Kennedy – 1968

“Now it’s on to Chicago and let’s win there” THE CRIME: When his brother was elected president in 1961, Bobby Kennedy became Attorney General. Kennedy remained in his job under President Johnson for ten months but resigned to become senator from New York. On 16 March 1968 Kennedy announced his candidacy for the presidency. Bobby… Read More »

Malcolm X – 1965

“Don’t be messin’ with my pockets” THE CRIME: Malcolm X was born as Malcolm Little on 19 May 1925 at University Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska. Despite graduating top of his class, Little left school after a teacher he admired told him that studying to be a lawyer was “no realistic goal for a nigger”. Little became… Read More »

John F. Kennedy – 1963

“Mr President, you certainly can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you” THE CRIME: Undoubtedly the most written about assassination in history, John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s death is still hotly debated more than 45 years later. On 21 November 1963, facing a battle for re-election, a need to raise campaign funds and to mend fences with local… Read More »

Mahatma Gandhi – 1948

“The light has gone out of our lives” THE CRIME: The Indian spiritual leader had faced many attempts on his life. The first came on 25 June 1934 as he was travelling to give a speech at the Corporation Auditorium in Pune. A bomb was thrown at the first car in his motorcade, injuring ten… Read More »

Kray Twins – 1967

“Society has earned a rest from your activities” THE CRIME: Born on 24 October 1933, twins Reginald and Ronald Kray were short, not especially bright, vicious thugs who terrorized much of the East End of London in the 1950s and 1960s. They took a percentage of other villains’ jobs to finance their own lifestyle. On… Read More »

Leon Trotsky – 1940

“Do not kill him! This man has a story to tell” THE CRIME: One of the leading forces in the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky was born as Lev Davidovich Bronstein on 26 October 1879 at Yanovka, Kherson Province, Russia. After the 7 November 1918 revolution, Trotsky was second only to Lenin in the Bolshevik hierarchy.… Read More »

Nathan Champion – 1892

“I wish there was someone here with me so we could watch all sides at once” THE CRIME: Nathan D. Champion, known as Nate, was born a twin on 29 September 1857 near Round Rock, Texas, and was a rustler in Wyoming during the Johnson County War, a series of violent conflicts over land and… Read More »

King Alexander I of Yugoslavia – 1934

“I had the immediate impression that there was no hope” THE CRIME: After the death of his father, Peter I, on 16 August 1921. Alexander I came to the throne as the King of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. On 8 August 1928 the Serb leader Stjepan Radic died after being shot in the stomach in… Read More »