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Pretty Boy Floyd – 1931

“A pretty boy with apple cheeks.” THE CRIME: Charles Floyd was born in rural Bartow County, Georgia, on 3 February 1904, the son of a farmer-bootlegger. In 1922 he tried to rob a post office but was caught and almost ended in jail, saved only by his father giving him an alibi. The next time… Read More »

Theft of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire – 1876

“The Napoleon of the criminal world” THE CRIME: Adam Worth, aka Henry Judson Raymond, was born in eastern Germany in about 1844 and moved with his parents to America when he was five years old. In 1861 he joined the Union Army where he perpetrated his first known crime — he deserted from one regiment… Read More »

Bernard Charles Welch, Jr – 1980

“One of the most prolific burglars in the recent annals of American crime” THE CRIME: Bernard Charles Welch, Jr was a career criminal who had been convicted of burglary several times in the 1970s. He was described by police spokesman Warren Carmichael as “one of the most prolific burglars in the recent annals of American… Read More »

Fred Burke – 1929

Burke fired three times at the policeman who died later in hospital THE CRIME: Born as Thomas Camp on a farm near Mapleton, Kansas on 29 May 1893, Fred Burke was an armed robber and contract killer and was a prime suspect for the St Valentine’s Day Massacre (search the related article). He had his… Read More »

Robert Maxwell – 1984-1991

“He is not…a person who can be relied upon to exercise proper stewardship of a publicly quoted company” THE CRIME: Cap’n Bob and the Bouncing Czech were just two of the more printable nicknames for Ian Robert Maxwell (né Jan Ludwig Hoch, born on 10 June 1923). By dint of hard work and sheer bloodymindedness,… Read More »

Ferdinand Waldo Demara

“Rascality, pure rascality” THE CRIME: Ferdinand Waldo Demara, Jr was born at 40 Texas Avenue, Lawrence, Massachusetts at 7.30am on 21 December 1921. He wanted to become a priest, trying to enter a Trappist monastery on Rhode Island in 1935. Two further attempts at seminary life failed and in 1941 he joined the army. It… Read More »

Serge Alexandre Stavisky – 1908-1933

“The Minister of the Colonies was counselled… by Stavisky” THE CRIME: Ukraine-born Stavisky began his nefarious activities in Russia in 1908 with fraud and swindling. Following one arrest, his father committed suicide from the shame. Prior to the outbreak of the First World War Stavisky moved to France where, legitimately, he worked as a singer,… Read More »

Sakigake Watanabe – 1890

His woman was a geisha and he became a criminal to fund her lifestyle THE CRIME: Like many men, Sakigake Watanabe was in thrall to a woman. His woman was a geisha and he became a criminal to fund her lifestyle. He began to steal money from his employer and in 1880 he was caught… Read More »

Ann Carson – 1823

One of the most beautiful women in Pennsylvania THE CRIME: Ann Carson (née Baker) was considered one of the most beautiful women in Pennsylvania during the early 19th century. In June 1801, two months before her 16th birthday, she married John Carson, a retired navy captain, twice her age. In 1810 his wanderlust returned and… Read More »

Bonnie & Clyde – 1934

“This old world is made sweeter by the lives of folks like you” THE CRIME: The Texas Rattlesnake and Suicide Sal, aka Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, were not lovers on a romantic, albeit criminal, spree across America as the myth has it. For a start, he was homosexual. The gruesome twosome met in January… Read More »