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Leon Trotsky – 1940

“Do not kill him! This man has a story to tell” THE CRIME: One of the leading forces in the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky was born as Lev Davidovich Bronstein on 26 October 1879 at Yanovka, Kherson Province, Russia. After the 7 November 1918 revolution, Trotsky was second only to Lenin in the Bolshevik hierarchy.… Read More »

Maundy Gregory – 1918-1933

“What about a down payment of £2,000 or £3,000 on account?” THE CRIME: Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd George sold honours to finance his political aims and to ensure that the House of Lords was packed with his supporters. Arthur John Peter Michael Maundy Gregory, the son of a Southampton clergyman, saw what was happening… Read More »

Watergate – 1972

“There will be no whitewash at the White House” THE CRIME: Guard Frank Wills was doing his rounds in the Watergate hotel that served as headquarters of the Democratic Party when he became suspicious that someone had broken in. Wills called police after seeing that tape used to hold a door open had reappeared after… Read More »

Harold G. Hoffman – 1928

“Never let any of your sons enter politics. It is a lousy game” THE CRIME: Born in South Amboy, New Jersey, on 7 February 1896, Harold Giles Hoffman served in Company H, Third Regiment, New Jersey Infantry from 25 July 1917, rising to the rank of captain of the 114th Regiment Infantry. In 1920 he… Read More »

Enniskillen – 1987

“It’s really desecrating the dead and a blot on mankind” THE CRIME: It was Remembrance Sunday 1987 at the cenotaph in Enniskillen, the county town of County Fermanagh, when the IRA exploded a bomb without warning, causing the highest death toll in a terrorist attack in Northern Ireland for five years. The bombing was co-ordinated… Read More »

Entebbe Raid – 1976

“I’m no Nazi … I am an idealist” THE CRIME: At 12.30pm on 27 June 1976 Air FranceFlight 139, an Airbus A300 with 238 passengers and a crew of 12, originating at Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, left Athens for Paris. Shortly into the flight, two Palestinians from the Popular Front for the Liberation… Read More »

Carlos the Jackal – 1975

Carlos had been paid around $30 million for the hostages. THE CRIME: Ilich Ramirez Sanchez was born on 12 October 1949 in Caracas, Venezuela, and joined the communist party in 1959. He became a guerrilla in January 1966 and later that year went to study at the London School of Economics. He enrolled at the… Read More »

Baader Meinhof Gang 1968-1977

“You can’t argue with people who made Auschwitz” THE CRIME: The 60s was a time when young people rebelled against the established order, developing left-wing ideologies. In West Germany the rebellion took the form of violence when Andreas Baader, Thorwald Proll, Horst Sohnlein and Gudrun Ensslin formed the Red Army Faction. Among their early actions… Read More »

Lord Haw-Haw – 1939

“Jairmany calling, Jairmany calling…” THE CRIME: Born in New York City on 24 April 1906, William Joyce moved to Galway in southern Ireland with his family in November 1909. He spent so much time with the Black and Tans and supposedly informed on a priest who was killed by them that the IRA reputedly ordered… Read More »

Reichstag Fire – 1933

“This fire will be a beacon to lead Germany into communism for years to come” THE CRIME: Adolf Hitler had come to power on 30 January 1933. Less than four weeks later, at 10pm on 27 February 1933, the authorities were informed that the Reichstag — the German parliament building — was ablaze. At the… Read More »