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Adolph Hitler and the Munich Beer Hall Putsch – 1923

“Hatred grew in me, hatred for those… Miserable and degenerate criminals!” THE CRIME: The First World War defeat of his country lit a fire in Adolf Hitler: “In these nights hatred grew in me, hatred for those responsible for this deed…Miserable and degenerate criminals!” In March 1920 Hitler became active in the German Workers’ Party.… Read More »

Siege of Sidney Street – 1911

“Who let ’em in?” THE CRIME: The early 20th century saw an influx of immigrants from Russia and the Balkans to Britain. The government encouraged the eastern Europeans to come, much to the consternation of the indigenous population. Crime levels began to rise among the immigrants and a group of Latvian anarchists under the leadership… Read More »

Boston Tea Party – 1773

Three-quarters of the tea sold in America was smuggled into the country. THE CRIME: In 1763 King George III needed to raise money after heavy losses in the French and Indian War and imposed hefty taxes on his American colonies. On 22 March 1765 the Stamp Act was passed followed, two years later on 2… Read More »