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Leonard Lake & Charles Ng – 1981-1985

“They scream so loud I can’t hear myself” THE CRIME: Leonard Lake was born on 29 October 1945 in San Francisco, California. His mother encouraged him in an unusual hobby — photographing naked girls, including his sisters and cousins. He began having sex with one sister in return for protecting her from their violent little… Read More »

Clifford Olson – 1980-1981

“Beast of British Columbia” THE CRIME: It was Christmas Day 1980 in Vancouver when the first mutilated body was found. She was identified as 12-year-old Christine Weller who had gone missing on 17 November. In the spring of 1981 the remains of 16-year-old Daryn Todd Johnsrude were found in some woods; his skull had been… Read More »

Bruno Ludke – 1928-1943

Ludke had strangled or stabbed his victims before having sex with their corpses THE CRIME: Born at Kopenick, Germany on 3 April 1908, the fourth of the six children of Otto and Emma, Ludke was a teenage rapist, necrophiliac and murderer. His father, who suffered from throat cancer, died in 1937. The upheaval of the… Read More »

Fritz Haarmann – 1918-1924

“The Butcher of Hanover” THE CRIME: Fritz Haarmann was born in Hanover, Germany, on 25 October 1879, the sixth child of an odd couple. His father was nicknamed Sulky Ollie and his mother was an invalid. A mummy’s boy, he was sent to military school in 1895 but was discharged because of his epilepsy. Back… Read More »

Andrei Chikatilo – 1978-1990

“I know I have to be destroyed. I was a mistake of nature” THE CRIME: Born in Yablochnoye, Ukraine on 16 October 1936, Andrei Chikatilo had an elder brother, Stepan, whom he believed had been killed and eaten by the neighbours. In 1941 the Germans occupied his village when he no doubt witnessed atrocities. After… Read More »

Pedro Alonso Lopez – 1978-1980

“I like the girls in Ecuador. They are more gentle and trusting, more innocent” THE CRIME: Pedro Alonso Lopez was born on 8 October 1948 in Tolina, Colombia, the seventh of 13 children of a prostitute. The man who was to become known as “the Monster of the Andes” was eight years old in 1957… Read More »

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev – 1980

Metal Fang THE CRIME: Nikolai Dzhumagaliev was nicknamed “Metal Fang” because of his metallic false teeth. Freed from a sentence for manslaughter, Dzhumagaliev found a job on an Alma-Ata building site in Kazakhstan. By day he laboured over bricks and mortar but by night he was a ladykiller, literally. Tall, handsome, well-mannered, smartly dressed Dzhumagaliev… Read More »

Jerry Brudos – 1968-1969

“The Lust Killer” THE CRIME: Jerome Henry “Jerry” Brudos was born at Webster, South Dakota, on 31 January 1939, the youngest of four sons. His mother, who didn’t want a baby boy, dressed him as a girl and constantly belittled him. From the age of five, he had a women’s shoe fetish. He would become… Read More »

Velma Margi Barfield – 1969-1978

“Sorry for all the hurt that I have caused” THE CRIME: Born on 29 October 1932, Velma Margi Barfield (née Bullard) was the first woman executed by lethal injection and the last woman executed in North Carolina. In 1963 she underwent a hysterectomy, which left her mentally scarred. In 1969 her husband Thomas Burke died… Read More »

Patrick Kearney – 1965-1977

“Trash bag murders” THE CRIME: The killings began in 1965 and became known as the “trash bag murders” because the victims were often found in trash bags. Texan Patrick Wayne Kearney was 25 years old when he committed his first killing, a hitchhiker he murdered in Orange, California. Two years later, after more killings, Kearney… Read More »