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1981 Brink’s Robbery – 1981

“The State simply isn’t going to last 75 or even 50 years” THE CRIME: The Black Liberation Army and 19 May Communists were responsible for a robbery that netted $1.6 million from a Brink’s armoured van at a New York shopping centre. Just before 4pm Brink’s security guards Peter Paige and Joe Trombino made their… Read More »

Lufthansa Heist – 1978

No one was ever arrested for any of the murders associated with the robbery. THE CRIME: A fortnight before Christmas 1978 the then largest cash robbery on American soil happened, when around $5 million in money and $875,000 in jewels were stolen at JFK Airport. Once a month millions of dollars used by tourists and… Read More »

Albert Spaggiari – 1976

“Without hatred, without violence, without weapons” THE CRIME: While most of France was enjoying the long holiday weekend of 16-19 July 1976, a group of thieves was emptying several hundred safety deposit boxes in the vaults of the Societe Generale bank in Nice. They contained about 50 million francs in cash, jewels and other valuables.… Read More »

Illinois Enema Bandit – 1975

“Not sexually mature” THE CRIME: Probably one of the most bizarre thieves of all time, Michael H. Kenyon was an armed robber who gave enemas to his victims. Born in 1943 at Elgin, Illinois, he was also known as the Champaign Enema Bandit and the Ski Masked Bandit. It is though that he as responsible… Read More »

Great Train Robbery – 1963

“It was a brilliantly planned operation” THE CRIME: At 6.50pm on 7 August 1963 a Royal Mail train left Glasgow bound for London. On board were nearly 120 mailbags containing £2,631,784 in banknotes on their way to be destroyed. In the early hours of the next day the train was stopped at Seers Crossing and… Read More »

Georges LeMay – 1961

LeMay directed everything via walkie-talkie from across the street. THE CRIME: Georges LeMay was born in December 1924 and had intentions to become a Roman Catholic priest. However, while studying, he found that he liked women too much to be celibate and crime too much to be honest. During the week he would go to… Read More »

1950 Brink’s Robbery – 1950

“People need a few laughs these days” THE CRIME: On a winter’s day in 1950 the Brink’s Building in Boston was robbed of $1,218,211.29 in cash, and over $1.5 million in cheques, money orders and other securities. The robbery was then the largest in the history of America. Anthony “Fats” Pino planned the heist and… Read More »

Theft of the Stone of Scone – 1950

“It’s like the Loch Ness monster, it’s certainly a puzzle and a mystery which is best not answered” THE CRIME: It looks like any other bit of granite but the Stone of Scone, or Stone of Destiny, is an extremely important artefact in Scottish history. Measuring 66 cm by 40 cm by 27 cm (26… Read More »

Willie Sutton – 1934

“You can’t rob a bank on charm and personality” THE CRIME: Born on June 30, 1901, in Brooklyn, New York, Willie Sutton became famous for something he didn’t say. When he wasn’t robbing banks, he worked briefly as a clerk, a driller and a gardener. Well attired, he was the politest of bank robbers. One… Read More »

Babyface Nelson – 1933

“I’m gonna kill you sons of bitches!” THE CRIME: Despite his cutesy nickname there was nothing baby-like about Lester Gillis, who had a fearsome temper and propensity for violence, resulting in him killing more than a dozen policemen. Born in Chicago, Illinois, on 6 December 1908, he began his criminal career at an early age… Read More »