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Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith – 1897

“King of the Frontier Con Men” THE CRIME: Jefferson Randolph Smith was born in 1860 at Newnan, Georgia to a well-to-do family. Notwithstanding, he became a criminal known variously as “Soapy” (because of his most celebrated trick) or as the “King of the Frontier Con Men”. The nickname Soapy came about through the Prize Package… Read More »

Captain Thunderbolt – 1863

Mary Ann swam across shark-infested waters to rescue her husband. THE CRIME: Frederick Wordsworth Ward was born at Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia probably on 15 May 1833. He was the youngest of ten children of a convict transported in 1815. He began working with horses honestly before he was tempted to join his elder… Read More »

Henry Plummer – 1863

“Give me two hours and a horse, I’ll bring back my weight in gold” THE CRIME: Born William Henry Handy Plumer in Addison, Maine on 6 July 1837 (some sources say 1832), Henry Plummer became marshal and city manager of Nevada City in May 1856 (changing the spelling of his name at the same time).… Read More »

Rob Roy – 1717

“I was on top of my bussines” THE CRIME: Rob Roy, the Scottish Robin Hood, was born as Robert MacGregor at Glengyle, northwest of Loch Katrine. He was baptized on 7 March 1671. He became known as Rob Roy (from the Gaelic, meaning ‘Red Robert’) because of his ginger hair. He became a cattle rustler… Read More »