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Angel Makers of Nagyrev – 1914-1929

“The Murder District” THE CRIME: Ninety-six km(60 mi) southeast of Budapest stands a little-known farming village called Nagyrev. It is near Tiszakurt and in the early part of the last century these two remote places were haunted by a band of serial killers. Over a period of 15 years, they murdered around 300 people. The… Read More »

Ian Huntley – 2002

“C ya around school” THE CRIME: It was at about 6.15pm on Saturday 3 August 2002 that Ian Huntley murdered best friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, both ten years old. Just over an hour earlier, at 5.04pm, the two girls had been photographed at a family barbecue wearing their favourite Manchester United tops. The… Read More »

Han van Meegeren – 1936

“The painting in Goering’s hands is not, as you assume, a Vermeer of Delft, but a Van Meegeren” THE CRIME: Han van Meegeren was a genius artist but one who used his talents for forgery, rather than honestly. He perfected his technique of forging paintings by the great Dutch masters, including Vermeer and Frans Hals.… Read More »