Roberto Calvi – 1982

“If the whole thing comes out it will be enough to start World War III” THE CRIME: The body of Roberto Calvi, the 62-year-old chairman of the Banco Ambrosiano, who had gone missing from his London home the day before, was spotted hanging from scaffolding under Blackfriars Bridge on 18 June 1982. In his pockets… Read More »

Colonial Parkway Killer – 1986

Robin’s belt was undone and her bra was around her neck. THE CRIME: The Colonial Parkway Killer struck for the first time on 12 October 1986. His first two victims were a lesbian couple, stockbroker and former sailor Cathleen Marian Thomas, 27, and student Rebecca Ann Dowski, 21. Their corpses were discovered by a jogger… Read More »

Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman – 1994

“[Nicole] was virtually decapitated. Her jugular was all but completely severed” THE CRIME: O.J. Simpson was a popular American football player who, on his retirement in 1978, became a popular actor and a spokesman for various organizations. Having divorced his first wife by whom he had three children, Simpson married Nicole Brown, 12 years his… Read More »

JonBenet Ramsey – 1996

John found his daughter’s corpse covered by a white blanket THE CRIME: JonBenet Ramsey was born on 6 August 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents began entering her into beauty contests, her mother, Patsy, having been Miss West Virginia 1977. JonBenet won several of the competitions she entered. On Boxing Day 1996 Patsy discovered her… Read More »

Oscar Romero – 1980

“If they have killed him for doing what he did, then I too have to walk the same path” THE CRIME: Archbishop Romero, more properly Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez, was born in Ciudad Barrios, El Salvador on 15 August 1917 and joined the seminary of the Claretian Order when he was 13. When he… Read More »

Shergar – 1983

“It was several minutes before the horse, which was in agony, slowly bled to death” THE CRIME: On 3 June 1981 Shergar, ridden by 19-year-old Walter Swinburn, won the Derby by a record ten lengths. The horse’s odds were 11/10 on. That November the thoroughbred was retired to stud at Ballmany Stud, near Newbridge in… Read More »

Jimmy Hoffa

“Hoffa is a very evil influence on the United States” THE CRIME: James Riddle Hoffa was the vitriolic head of the powerful Teamsters Union in America. He was also in the pay of organized crime. In 1931 Hoffa began organizing a union among workers of a grocer’s. He won his men a 40 per cent… Read More »

Alphabet Murders – 1971-1973

All three victims had been strangled and subjected to a sexual assault THE CRIME: The Alphabet Murders began on 16 November 1971 when 11-year-old Carmen Colon disappeared. Her body was found two days later in Churchville, 19 km (12 mi) from where she was last seen. Almost a year and a half passed before the… Read More »

Tupac Shakur

“All the n****rs who change the world die in violence. They don’t die in regular ways” THE CRIME: Born on 16 June 1971, Tupac Amaru Shakur was the son of a Black Panther Party member who was jailed for terrorism while pregnant with him in Brooklyn, New York. He was named after Tupac Amaru, the… Read More »

Bible John Murders – 1969

“My father says these places are dens of iniquity” THE CRIME: In a 20-month period in Glasgow, Scotland an unknown killer, who was given the nickname Bible John because he liked to quote from the Holy Book, murdered three women. The only link between the victims seemed to be a love of dancing. Patricia Docker,… Read More »